Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Crescent Skirt - Finally!

Well, even though I finished this skirt about a week and a half ago, it's taken me until now to put it on here. Things have been crazy busy here but hopefully they will settle down, I basically spent the whole of last week away from home seeing people but now I'm back normality can resume.

 I am so pleased with this skirt! I've worn it three times already! Sorry that the pictures are a bit dark but there hasn't been much sun lately. It's so comfortable and easy to wear and I love the pockets most of all.
 Now, I am not a novice sewer but I am new to dressmaking. This pattern says it is for beginners and whilst I didn't struggle too much, I don't think it is quite beginner's level, I'd say it was more intermediate as the waistband is in 8 pieces, there is a zip and pockets, plus the waistband is lined. I learnt quite a few new skills.
 My version certainly isn't without its faults, oh no. But I don't think they are so noticeable. My Mum and Gran, who have both made clothes in the past, were very impressed and considered it to be quite a difficult pattern.
The absolute best thing about this skirt is the fabric. Vintage, soft, brushed cotton, I love it. Without the sew along for this skirt I think I would have struggled as the instructions were quite basic, so it really helped me to have pictures online to guide me through it. I'd recommend this skirt pattern to anyone, I think it's great and I'll be making another one soon I'm sure.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Flower Show

Today I went to the Southport Flower Show. I've been going with my Mum and Gran since I was a child. We don't go every year anymore as it is quite similar from year to year, but this summer the theme was vintage so I had to go! Many of the displays had a World War 2 vibe...

The clothes on the washing line were made of paper.

 Lots of the gardens featured cottage garden plants, creating a real vintage feel. However there were quite a few that seemed very modern (I didn't photograph those.)
 The floral displays were my favourite part.
 I love the use of vintage china in these two arrangements.

 I was thrilled to see this exibition as it incorporated my favourite type of rose and also the creator is from my home town! I've always said I'd like a bouquet of this type of rose at my wedding.

 The use of vintage fashion in the displays was inspiring, I loved this 50s number...
 especially the knitted poodle!
 This bag was made from leaves and pine cones!

 I thought this hat and bag were so cleverly made.
 And I adored the scarf on this display, I can't remember what plant it is made from but such an original idea.

 A pretty fan made from leaves.
 An entire dress made from foliage.
A great day.
Skirt update coming soon - it's nearly ready!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

It starts ....

So I've made a start on my first dressmaking project. I've decided to make this skirt from Sewaholic patterns. I chose this skirt because it looks very wearable and is similar to styles I already have in my wardrobe. I'm making option C which is slightly longer, I like skirts to be just below the knee on me. The pattern cost £12.95 from I'm making the skirt from vintage 1960s brushed cotton given to me by my Grandmother. I got very lucky with the zip I'm using too because it's one I've had in my stash for about 4 years which I bought from a department store's closing down sale for 50p! So this skirt is going to be quite cost effective! Free fabric and 50p for the zip! What I'm hoping is that if it goes well and I like the fit of the skirt, I will make it a few more times in different fabrics to really get the most out of the pattern, but we shall see! As soon as it is finished I will post pictures here. I'm really enjoying the process of making this skirt. I'm taking my time to make sure I get it just right as it is a first attempt. What is really useful is that sewaholic patterns have a blog with a sewalong on it for this skirt, so that has helped me a lot to follow the instructions. Anyway, better get back to it....

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

Just as things begin to get better, something else happens to throw you off course, to unsettle you and rock the boat, that's life I guess. I've just finished a very difficult year of teacher training and am about to start a part time teaching job in September, 2hrs a day. I was very happy about this as it will leave plenty of time for sewing. But disaster has struck and Andy has been made redundant meaning our world is falling apart. As the main earner this presents us with a whole host of problems, can we keep our house? Can he find work in this area? Will we have to move? Life is so uncertain now. However, I keep telling myself I must 'Keep Calm and Carry On'! So I am determined to continue with my passion/obsession with sewing and our financial situation will force me to be more thrifty about my purchases and also more determined to try to sell my work, something I have been very uncomfortable with in the past. Very soon I will open up my little online shop which will sell some vintage sewing notions and also some vintage inspired bags, purses and jewellery made by me. I have been sewing and creating things for as long as I can remember and began to sell them a few years ago. But I am setting myself another challenge which will be documented on this blog; to make my own clothes. This is something I have been thinking about for some time. Last year Andy bought me a dress form
and I have not had much opportunity to use it yet. What better time to begin than now! Making my own clothes will almost be a necessity now due to the change in my situation. I will need to learn a whole host of new techniques and I was planning on taking a course. Whether I still do remains to be seen but what I do know is that I am completely self taught up to this point and I believe that with the fantastic books out there and the online advice and guidance, I can do this! Some positive can come from a negative situation. I am lucky to have lots of fabric, a sewing machine and a beautiful sewing room already and so long as things don't get too difficult, this will be an exciting journey which will hopefully help me to find ways to save money in other areas of my life. Please stay tuned to hear all about my adventures and to pop along to my little shop when it is open. Thanks for reading x