Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sorbetto Blouse

 I love the way my Sorbetto blouse turned out, I've worn it out already! It was really easy to make, definately a beginners pattern as it only has 2 pieces. I was a bit worried about what printing a pattern out and sticking it together would be like but it was very easy. It helps to have an extra pair of hands to cut the cellotape whilst you hold the sheets in place.
 The fabric is really lightweight and is perfect for this top. They say at Colette Patterns that you can make this from printing out the pattern to finishing the top in 2 hours and there are people on the web making 1 a day. However I think this took me nearer to 4 hours to make, just because I take my time.

 I've learnt some new techniques making this. I've never used bias binding before and always imagined it was really difficult and fiddly but it isn't! It's so easy and I love the amazing finish it gives. I want to make another one in a plain fabric and use a floral liberty print bias binding I have. I bought it last year and have been waiting for the perfect project to use it on. This pattern includes darts which I have done before on bags I've made. However I struggled to transfer them to the fabric and it took me a long time to draw them out but they turned out perfectly. After all my struggling I saw in a book about using carbon paper and one of those spiky wheel things to transfer the pattern lines, what a great idea! Need to invest in one of them asap!

The only problem is that the arm holes are too big for me but I always planned to wear it with a cardigan so it won't matter. If I make another I will take care not to cut them as deep as the pattern. I think I'm totally addicted to making clothes, what a shame I'm back at work tomorrow.

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