Thursday, 1 September 2011

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

This is the first of a few posts I'm going to write about vintage sewing machines. I sew on a modern day Brother machine that I bought last year, the machine I had before that was a Brother machine but very basic so I upgraded. My Mum uses a Brother machine from the 60s so that's why I have always bought Brother machines. However, the first time I saw one of the old Singer machines I was in love and was desperate to get one! Whilst on holiday this year, I saw one with a treadle in a big wooden cabinet but alas, it was too big to transport home in my small car. Days later I saw this small one in a local vintage shop. It was a sign! I had to have it and after a little haggling it was mine. (This all happened the day before Andy was told he faced redundancy.) 
 I was impressed with the good condition the machine was in.
 It takes pride of place in my living room.
 The gold decorative lettering was undamaged.
 And once threaded up it works like a dream! Although it is a bit tricky as one hand has to turn the handle to make it work.
I was sure this machine probably wasn't as old as I hoped. I thought that perhaps it was made in the 70s in the style of the old machines. On the Singer website you can date these old machines by putting in the serial number. I discovered it was made on January 17th 1936! In Scotland! So much older than I thought. I'm so pleased!

I love the fact these machines are so sturdy that people are still using them. Poppy Treffry, a well know designer maker from Cornwall swears by vintage machines. I love this little video of her using one

I chatted to her sister whilst on holiday in St Ives this year as she runs their shop there. I also bought a bunting kit from her. I think her work is fantastic and it is all done on vintage machines, how wonderful.

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