Thursday, 15 September 2011

Vintage Magazines

I came across some vintage magazines a while ago and I find them fascinating. This one is from 1934.
 I just love the pictures of how people looked then. The next is from 1940.
 This one really makes me laugh as it features an advert for wool and embroidery kits that are very different from what we'd see today.
Even though it looks sexist, life was like that then. I don't mean sexist, I mean that it was just the way it was, men worked, women didn't. I love the fact that so many more people could knit and sew. It's a shame people don't do it as much anymore. I have no friends that have interests that are remotely like mine so often feel alone. Things were different in 1940.

The final one is from 1935. I love this knitting pattern, so chic.


  1. Wonderful magazines, what a great find! I'm in a similar position... not many of my friends share my love of crafting, but I'm winning them over - I started up a knitting circle and have since taught a handful of my girlfriends to knit and crochet!

  2. Sounds like a great idea. Knitting and Crochet are so addictive I'm sure people will get hooked once they try it. I've got my sister interested in dressmaking and she is going to try to make her first piece of clothing soon, a sorbetto top. The more people we teach, the more it will spread!