Monday, 5 September 2011

Vintage Sewing Machines Part 2

I was lucky enough to be given this overlocker by Andy's Grandma. I'm not sure when she bought it but it was probably 70s/ early 80s. She describes it as a P.I.G!! It's temperamental and it required a bit of tweeking here and there, and plenty of oil, and now it sews beautifully. I'm hoping I can learn to use it well and it will speed up my dressmaking as I have so much I want to make.
Overlockers are notoriously difficult to thread but I've become a dab-hand at it now through all the tweeking and playing and messing I had to do to get it to work! The only drawback to this machine is the instructions. They only describe the basics and do not give any tips on how to use it properly or any of the additional functions it might have like only using 2 or 3 threads etc. Still, I am very pleased it works and I can't wait to use it on a garment, lots of practice needed first though!

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